Anxiety Attack at Work

I’ve had a few anxiety attacks before but not one of them has ever felt this bad. Most times I ended up on the floor, clutching my stomach for dear life and trying to breathe by gasping for air. This position probably wasn’t the best one to choose but being in that fetal position felt right. My anxiety attacks ranged anywhere from 3 to 10 minutes. They usually start off with a pressure, with freaking out and then goes into a full blown attack. Yesterday I was at work when I felt this build up. I had problems going on … Continue reading Anxiety Attack at Work

Fighting Judgement

Growing up I constantly heard the snide remarks from my father about how a girl would look better if she was skinnier, shorter, taller, had longer hair, had a natural hair color and so on. I remember hearing those comments and thinking “but they’re pretty how they are”. I ignored those comments and thought of it as “that’s just his taste in women” but later came to realize you didn’t need to insult or criticize other women’s choices just because they don’t fit your criteria. I never grew up with body or self esteem issues. I was always fairly confident … Continue reading Fighting Judgement

Friendship through Bumble

The other day I met this female off of bumble. In Bumble the woman has to make the first move, if you match with a woman on Bumble you are not allowed to message her, only she is allowed to send the first message. This is kind of perfect because in my experience with dating apps, and I use the term dating loosely, you don’t know what’s coming when a man messages you (obviously not all men). I’ve had Bumble before but never used it much because I was terrified at the thought of meeting someone, but when I learned … Continue reading Friendship through Bumble